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Suzette Mirabal, Ed.D., CPL, NSL, MBT

Professional Counselor, Neuro-educator, Lecturer, Author

Suzette Mirabal holds a doctorate in educational management and a master's degree in guidance and counseling from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. In addition, he has a postgraduate degree in Learning Neurosciences from Ponce Health Sciences University. He studies at John's Hopkins University in the Mind, Brain and Education program and at the University of Barcelona in the postgraduate certification in Neuroeducation. She is currently a University Lecturer at Cambridge College in the Counseling and Mental Health program.

Dr. Mirabal has more than 15 years of experience offering professional development in Puerto Rico and the United States. He has presented at conventions such as: Puerto Rico Private Education Association, Puerto Rican Professional Counseling Association, Future of Education Technology Conference, International Society for Technology in Education, among others.


Eileen Marie Velázquez De Jesús, M.Ed.

Teacher, Neuro-educator, Lecturer, Evaluator and Educational Therapist.


He has a master's degree in Curriculum and Teaching in Educational Technology and Distance Education,  various Certifications in Neuroscience of Learning, Certification in Evaluator and Educational Therapist. He has a Bachelor of Education with a Specialty in Spanish and Mathematics. He belongs to the Association of Educational Therapists of the United States. 

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